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Work of the Prayer Book Society

Committed to supporting the entire Diocese of Calgary, which covers geographic region of Southern Alberta including the City of Calgary, north to Red Deer and surrounding region, and south to the Canada-US border, the Prayer Book Society emphasizes the preservation of the faith once delivered to the saints, as received in the Anglican tradition through the Book of Common Prayer.

Renewal in the Diocese

The work of the Prayer Book Society involves the promotion of understanding of our Anglican heritage and the enjoyment thereof. This takes the form of advocacy, particularly at Diocesan synods, education, in the form of articles and commentary, hosting conferences and encouraging debate and discussion within the diocese, worship in the prayer book tradition, particularly through Evensong, and finally through the promotion of prayer within the diocese, particularly for the work of the Holy Spirit for our Archbishop, priests, deacons and laity, and in particular those new to faith and the Anglican tradition.

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Calgary Branch

The Calgary Branch of the Prayer Book Society of Canada is dedicated to the evangelization of Canada, to the preservation of the Apostolic Faith as traditionally received in Anglicanism and to the promotion of the Book of Common Prayer, including the 39 Articles of Religion and Ordinal, as the focus of unity among Anglicans in the Diocese of Calgary as well as throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion.The Book of Common Prayer of Canada, 1962

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